Pens for primary school and kindergarten

There's an endless number of pens. What is suitable for what age? What should I look out for when buying pens for primary school or kindergarten? We explain what is important.

Pens for beginners

Writing beginners need compact and sturdy pens. Pens for primary school and kindergarten have to withstand a lot. Therefore they should have break-resistant leads. Beginners quickly lose interest if the pen breaks off all the time. And that would be a pity!

First preliminary exercises for alphabetic characters writing are done by children in preschool. They are still holding their pens or crayons in their fist- or four-finger grip. What they need are thick pens with thick leads, which they can grip well. The wax crayons for the first swing exercises should also be made especially for small hands. The pens must conjure up strong colours on the paper without effort. Children want to see a colourful result quickly.

Learning to write with graphite pencils

He's number one in elementary school: the graphite pencil. Why is that? The graphite pencil is the ideal pencil for learning to write! Because it is soft and because you can erase your traces. For writing and drawing beginners this is an irresistible argument!

Graphite pencils for primary school are soft: their degree of hardness is B or 2B. And they support your child in practicing the correct pen position. Therefore our learning to write pencil TRI WINNER has a triangular shape. This makes it easier for your proud school beginner to learn the three-point grip.

Regardless of all suggestions, the most important thing is always: every child is different. Every child writes differently. Take a close look: How much pressure does my child apply, which pen shape is the easiest to use? That's exactly how writing should feel like: easy.