Pencil cases for every type

A beautiful home for great pencils: pencil cases are available in many shapes and colours. Finding the right pencil case is not that easy. Because pencil cases are a matter of type!

Student cases for tidiness enthusiasts

Does your child like to arrange his pencils by colour? Or maybe even by size? Does your son take the time to stow things neatly? Then a pencil case with many loops is exactly the right for him. Because in it you can clean up all writing and painting utensils wonderfully. The big advantage: If you need something, you can find it with one grip!

There are pencil cases for order lovers empty, filled, one-storey or three-storey. How many and which parts a pencil case should contain also depends on the age: In the first class you don't need a set square or a fountain pen - but you need a lot of coloured pencils!

Pencil cases for creative chaos

Some children like to draw from the full bale. They find order good and beautiful. But they don't need it. Does your daughter like to collect? Is she inspired by abundance? Then she will feel at home with a simple pencil case or a pencil box. It doesn't need any loops and has plenty of space for everything you need for writing, painting and drawing.

Pencil cases are quite a matter of type. And the same applies here: optics are important for children and teenagers. Depending on their age, they can be more or less colourful. Some children are happy about pencil cases with familiar motifs, others love patterns. And the better a pencil case matches the child, the sooner it will reach for it.