Backpacks for kindergarten and school

I pack my suitcase and I take with me ... What should I put in the backpack for kindergarten and school? From toys to math books, everything has to find its place in it. A children's backpack fits your darling if it is practical, beautiful and ergonomic.

Backpacks for small children

For a small person, the day trip to the kindergarten is a trip around the world. It makes you feel safer when all the important things are on board: The drinking bottle, your favorite cuddly toy and the snack that Daddy fills every day in a different way. The backpack becomes interesting for the nursery when it looks nice and I feel like a big one!

For parents, two things are particularly important: Is the backpack suitable for my child's back? Is it convenient? Backpacks for all ages should have padded straps. Since your child will surely jump around with the backpack, a chest strap is good: the straps won't slip over your shoulder when you romp around. Inner compartments and a holder for the water bottle are important for order. A small seat cushion is also handy so that your darling is always well warmed when sitting on the floor.

Backpacks for schoolchildren

In addition to books, exercise books and pens, laptops often have to be taken to school as well. A school backpack should be equipped for this. It needs a padded compartment in which electronic devices can be safely stored. It is good if the backpack has at least two more pocket compartments - this brings order into the school materials!

Just like the backpack for the kindergarten, the backpack for the school should have padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted. A padded back is also important. This makes carrying easier. School bags can be a bit heavier. And your schoolchild should not feel this in his or her back. Very important for teenagers: The backpack must be cool! Then you are twice as likely to go to school!