Learn how to write alphabetic characters

Playing, crafting, moving: These are important preliminary exercises for learning to write alphabetic characters! You can do a lot to make your child strong for writing. We'll explain what that is.

Playing helps you learn to write

Would you have known it: To push toy cars around, snap your fingers, knead biscuit dough - all these are great prep exercises for learning to write!
Children train their fine motor skills by playing with their hands. This includes movement sequences involving hands, fingers and eyes, among other things.

Gross motor skills are also important for learning to write: those who can walk, hop or balance will also find it easier to write letters and words. Playing makes children strong. It strengthens their body, trains their brain and promotes their creativity. Let's get off the couch and away from the computer! Whether finger twist or sack hopping: everything that makes children move helps them learn to write later.

With a swing to ABC

Before children learn to write letters, they do swing exercises in kindergarten and preschool. This is also great at home. Swing exercises are creative and get your child moving. Maybe you'll join in right away! For tense parents' shoulders, swing exercises are a great thing!

This is what you need: templates to "trace" and colorful wax crayons. You can find free printing exercises on the Internet: Your child can paint the pre-printed waves, loops, hearts and stairs ("trace"). Soft wax crayons are ideal for swinging and writing. After these exercises it works with letters learn to write like lubricated!

Stay relaxed while learning to write

You can also turn the swing exercises into a feel-good experience: Put on music for your child that supports hand swinging! It gets funny when you "paint" each other's backs with generous hand movements. This is fun and good for everyone!

Children are highly concentrated when holding a colour pencil or wax crayon in their hands: The nose almost touches the paper; the pencil is firmly in the clamp grip. Often you try too hard to learn to write letters. Help your child to stand up and take a relaxed seating position. The hands may also be shaken out in between. When swinging and painting, it's all easier.