Tinkering with Tabaluga

So beautifully colorful and so beautifully soft! Handicrafts with Tabaluga and dough is a celebration for the senses. But that's not all:

Tinkering with play dough for little Tabaluga fans

Children who press their fingers and hands on modelling clay later find it much easier to learn to write. Because little fingers do not yet have much strength, there is special dough for them: the so-called play dough. It is particularly soft, does not smear or stick and is easy to wash out.

With Tabaluga play dough even the smallest ones can try to recreate elements from the world of Tabaluga. The ice-cold Arktos is a wonderful example. For the living snowman you roll two balls. With the nose and the hat of the

Tabaluga craft fun for older children

Who already has practice in handicrafts with play dough, for him handicrafts with plasticine clay is the next step. Figures made of Tabaluga plasticine clay do not harden - so you can reshape them at any time. The colours can be mixed with each other: This is great if you want to recreate the flower meadows of Tabaluga's home greenland!

Handicrafts with Tabaluga are fun for the whole family. Because what the little hands can't do yet, the big ones can. Together we are strong! This message of the little dragon is also good for tinkering!