Painting with Tabaluga

Tabaluga inspires children between 4 and 12 years. The adventures that the little dragon experiences often last a long time in them. How about reliving the memories of the stories with pencils and crayons?

Tell me your story about Tabaluga

Watching Tabaluga DVDs or singing along to Peter Maffay's Tabaluga songs is so beautiful! It's also great to stay in the Tabaluga world afterwards. Encourage your child to tell his version of the Tabaluga story. What does your son or daughter remember? You can also ask questions: Who are Tabaluga's friends? Why is the half child so sad? How can Tabaluga bring Lilli to life?

Older children also like to write down their little stories about Tabaluga. This is especially inspiring when they use Tabaluga graphite pencils. Tabaluga is about feelings and values that concern us all. Tabaluga can build bridges for parents: Ask your child what makes him happy. What is he afraid of? What does friendship mean for your son or daughter?

I'm painting Tabaluga's world

Fantasy is a source of power. It gives us great ideas and makes life colourful. One of the most important messages of the little dragon is: Use your imagination! You don't have to tell children twice: they still have a good connection to her. She finds her creative expression in painting and tinkering.

Painting with Tabaluga anchors the positive messages of the stories deep in the hearts of little artists. The dragon stories your child tells you can be put on paper with Tabaluga colour pencils. The joy of life of the little dragon moves into the children's room with the Tabaluga wax crayons. Painting and drawing has another great side effect: It helps your darling to grow.