Getting to know values with Tabaluga

Tabaluga is a small green dragon sent on an adventurous journey by his father. It's a good thing he's made friends, discovered his courage and the power of his imagination! Tabaluga has been conquering the hearts of young and old since 1984.

The values of Tabaluga make children strong

On his journey Tabaluga makes experiences that children know: He is afraid, he encounters hatred, he seeks love, finds friendship and discovers joy of life. Tabaluga's inner attitude helps children to face their own challenges. He is a lovable role model for young and old. Tabaluga stands for a world in which tolerance, social competence and non-violence play the main role.

Tabaluga conveys how we can live well together in a playful way. Eberhard Faber has developed Tabaluga items for painting and tinkering so that the positive values of the little dragon are also present in the everyday life of children. They bring the spirit of Tabaluga into the child’s room and help children to grow up and become strong.

How Tabaluga was born

In the magical Greenland where Tabaluga was born, he is the child of Dragon Daddy Tyrion. In real life Tabaluga has three dads: Peter Maffay, Rolf Zuckowski and Gregor Rottschalk. At first, the little green creature was only to be the central figure of a music album. Today there are six albums, a musical, several books and a film in which the little green dragon plays the leading role.

The timeless values for which Tabaluga stands are important to Peter Maffay. They are the core of all adventures the little dragon experiences. Maffay's music and the drawings and stories of Helme Heine and Gisela von Radowitz carry these values out into the world.

The Peter Maffay Foundation

The little dragon is the leading figure of the Peter Maffay Foundation for traumatized children. Every year, around 500 children take advantage of the Foundation's therapeutic services. One of the foundation's special concerns is to encourage children's imagination and creativity. With its offers, the foundation makes children strong: it helps them to overcome negative experiences and gain new strength.

The Peter Maffay Child Foundation was founded in 2000. It finances the work in the Tabaluga children's projects. The patron of the foundation is Peter Maffay.