Learn to paint

Painting is very important for the development of your child and children who draw are happy. On the following pages we will show you which tips and tricks you can use to support your child, depending on his or her age.
Understand children's drawings
Even children from a very early age are drawing: When a tiny finger pulls a trace through the mash, this is the first attempt to draw a line.
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Painting for kindergarten kids
Coloured pencil, paint box, wax crayon: there are so many painting utensils! But what suits my child?
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Painting for schoolchildren
Painting is good for children in many ways. We will explain to you how you can lovingly support the creativity of your son and daughter.
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Painting pictures for children
Painting pictures not only encourage the children's first creativity, but also the motor skills of the hands and the imagination of the little artists.
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Painting games for children
Colouring games for children invite you to experiment with pens and colours.
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