Drawing with charcoal

That's how it all started: Charred wooden sticks already served the prehistoric men as drawing instruments. Today drawing with charcoal is more topical than ever.

Charcoal sticks compressed: Black for experts

If it has to be really black, then artists work with charcoal sticks compressed. For charcoal sticks compressed, drawing charcoal is pulverized and mixed with black pigments and clay. The result is a black that cannot be surpassed in intensity. Artists draw with charcoal when they want to create particularly expressive portraits or sketch out oil paintings.

Passionate draftsmen often use charcoal in their works in combination with pastels or red chalk pencils.

Charocal sticks compressed can be produced in three different degrees of hardness: soft, medium and hard. Overall, they are softer than charcoal. That is why you can use them to create larger surfaces.

Versatile: Techniques for charcoal drawings

Charcoal is certainly also so popular with draftsmen because it allows a wide range of expression: for example, charcoal can be beautifully painted with salad or baby oil and a brush. It is also possible to smudge the charcoal with fingertips or a paper wiper. This creates different effects and different colour tones between black and grey. The effect of charcoal drawings can also be strongly influenced in this way.

Anyone who draws with charcoal for the first time is delighted: Charcoal drawings can be corrected with a good eraser. However, one must not forget one thing: Charcoal drawings are sensitive. In order to keep them, you should protect them from environmental influences with a fixing spray.