Drawing and Modelling

On the following pages we will show you which utensils you need for which type of drawing or what you can create with an air-drying modelling clay.
Understanding the degree of hardness of pencils
Graphite pencils have 16 degrees of hardness. This is confusing for drawing beginners. Which pencil is right for me?
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Crafting with modelling clay
Crafting with modelling clay connects adults again with their creativity. The objects that are created are filigree or compact, but in any case, creative.
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Drawing with charcoal
Those who work artistically will sooner or later experiment with charcoal.
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Drawing with coloured pencils
At school, at university, at work and at home: drawing with coloured pencils is more popular than ever, no matter whether it is waterproof or water soluble.
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Drawing with pastel crayons
Adults prefer to paint with pastel crayons: There are soft pastel crayons and colour intensive oil pastel crayons.
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