Painting children's faces

To be someone else, to immerse your whole body in a fantasy world. When you make up children's faces, you open a door to new worlds for the little ones. But beware: this isn't about being pretty or being liked!

Children's face painting is more than applying make-up

Not only for carnival or Halloween: children's faces can also be painted during the year. Because it's always great fun to slip into other people's roles! Because it's great to discover another creature in the mirror! Because moods change with make-up!

With a painted eye patch your little son feels even more like a! With delicate ice crystals on her face, your little daughter dives even deeper into the world of the ice princess.

Make-up is for tall people who want to look better. Children face paint is something for small people who want to be someone else for a short time! You don't have to look beautiful there!

Child face paints turns a lamb into a tiger

Sometimes it's hard to jump over your own shadow. Shy children may wish for more courage. As a dad or mom, you can help your child stand up for himself more - in a playful way. For example, with a slight detour through the animal world: Whoever is a lamb in everyday life might like to slip into the role of a little tiger. From the picture book or the Zoo, one knows yes: Tigers roar very loudly! And they are big and strong!

Role plays are important for children. They learn what other people (or animals) do feel like. What moves them or how they move. Of course, this is great with costumes. Moms or dads, who paint the faces of children to match, provide the icing on the cake.

Correct face painting needs to be learned

After playing, the face-paint has to be removed again! Not every witch and Count Dracula like that at all.

There is a trick that can help: To achieve a more beautiful face-paint result, cream your little actor's face well before applying the face paint. Removing face-paint is also a child's play: Simply take water and soap or a cleansing milk for sensitive skin. Cream well again afterwards!

Painting children's faces is an experience for young and old: the little ones experience themselves in new roles - and parents notice which personalities are still lies dormant in their Darling.