Crafting with children

Even if it looks so playful: Crafting with children is really work. Because: Little fingers become strong when doing handicrafts. Small hands learn to grasp. Small heads practice concentration.

Why crafting with children is also good for grown-ups

Moms and dads are often overloaded. They have to bear a lot of responsibility and want to do everything right. And now also handicrafts with a small child? Uff, that's too much! On the other hand: Maybe this will help you to come down!

Children forget the time during handicrafts and painting. Adults are welcome to let themselves be infected by it. Simply be creative with dough, paper and scissors without goal or pressure to perform. You will see: This is much more stress-relieved than an evening in front of the TV or on the Internet.

Besides, you also do something very important: you help your child to grow up big and strong. Because: Handicrafts are a great support for many development steps.

Handicrafts help you learn to write

Small children learn how to coordinate hands, fingers and eyes while doing handicrafts. This is called "fine motor skills training". And the better the fine motor skills work, the better it will work later with the pen holding and the writing learning. Actually, it's logical, isn't it? Handicrafts also helps with grasping: All handicraft things have a different form. That's why you have to handle them all differently. This strengthens the dexterity of your little darling.

With smartphones and tablets, technology has moved into the children's room. This is not good for the development of the little ones. Because all they do is press and swipe. Children don't learn how to coordinate vision with movement. That's why many children have difficulties learning to write alphabetic characters.

With handicrafts arithmetic becomes easier

Painting takes place in the surface: Handicrafts with children promote spatial imagination. Later, this is good when it comes to learning arithmetic: anyone who has ever made a house out of cardboard will find geometry easier to use. While doing handicrafts, children also get to know geometric shapes: Triangles, squares, rectangles and circles are always needed when working creatively.

You can't do handicrafts without strength. But it shouldn't be too much either! We don't want our little creative to get cramped. Make sure that your child does not try harder than necessary when doing handicrafts. Press on the glue tube, work on the modelling clay, handle the scissors: Little tinkerers can remain completely relaxed.

Handicrafts makes you self-confident

I can do something! I am someone! Handicrafts with children strengthen the self-confidence of the little ones. If they experience that their actions have an effect, it has wonderful consequences: They have more confidence in themselves, become more courageous and independent. Therefore, refrain from interfering in your child's handicrafts. Help only when help is desired or necessary. Otherwise: ask, have described and confirm.

Isn't it incredible how important handicrafts are for the development of your child? And we haven't even listed all the advantages of handicrafts! But the most important thing is: handicrafts is a zone free of perfection! It's all about doing. And about immersing yourself in the land of Fantasy!