Clever through face paint

If you are wondering whether child face-paints really makes sense, here are a few answers for you. Body painting, which is not about being beautiful, but about playing, is good for your development:

Face-paint for children has a learning effect

Playing and learning: this goes hand in hand with children. Even with face-paint! Why is the face of the ice princess light blue and white? What do these colours stand for? And where do they occur in nature? What do the wings of a ladybird look like? With children's face-paints costume fans get to know colours!

Painted faces also invite you to guess: What does Jonna have on her forehead? Who is she? What do the little wings next to Henri's eyes mean? Is there an animal in nature that has something like that? With children's face paints you take a trip into the world of animals, plants and fairy tales. In a picture book or during a visit to the zoo, the little ones can see what the creature looks like that goes back to "their" mask.


When little hands do face painting

I'll do it myself! If your son or daughter is a bit older, they can take the face-painting utensils into their own hand. So that nothing gets in the eye, you should be there at the beginning. Child face painting already stimulates the imagination of the youngest! As said before: This is not about "being pretty", but about playing. Your child is beautiful, the way it is!

If children are painting their faces themselves, this side effect is also great: Holding the face paint pens strengthens the fine motor skills and this is a great preliminary exercise for school! Who would have thought it: Face-paints for children is not only a lot of fun: it is also "pedagogically valuable"!