Creative writing made easy

rtist Color Sketch Marker

Handlettering is trending. No matter whether it's beautiful decoration or different writing elements: The Sketch Marker offers all DIY fans a wide range of creative possibilities.
The watercolourable Sketch Markers are particularly suitable for handlettering, creative design and writing, as well as watercolour effects, colourblending and relaxed, artistic work. The flexible brush tip of the Sketch Markers allows for a wide variety of writing widths and variations with numerous design possibilities. The fine tip is ideal for precise line work.

Fine tip with 0.8 mm width for an exact typeface and precise lines

Wide, flexible brush tip with a thickness between 1 and 10 mm for a variety of font widths and variants

Colours can be mixed together, are watercolourable and have a soft and strong colour stroke

The Artist Color product line has been developed for semi- professional artists, students and pupils

Get creative and make a passport case...

...Or create your own bookmark!

Design a lettering with color gradients...

...and achieve great effects with Stippling