The Green Winner Assortment

The Green Winner Paint Box is made of 100% recycled plastic and is manufactured in Germany. The brush compartment and removable lid ensure easy handling and quick cleaning. In addition, a removable mixing palette is integrated. The bright colors in replaceable color bowls provide great painting fun at home or at school.

A brush handle that is made from 60% corn starch: Our Green Winner Synthetic Brushes with their ergonomic triangular grip zone and seamless aluminium ferrule are the perfect equipment for creating colourful watercolour pictures. 

Our Green Winner Water Pot is characterized by a handy brush holder which is made from 50% recycled material as well as its folding mechanism. Due to its suction function and its form it has a lot of stabilizsation and does not tip over easy. After usage it is quick to clean and due to the practical folding mechanism it requires minimal space in your bag.