Get creative with Eberhard Faber

Crafting and tinkering have been familiar to us since childhood. But although these hobbies were considered old-fashioned for adults for a long time, DIY (do-it-yourself) is trendy once again. We show you which of our items you can use for which DIY work. Get started and make the world around you a little more colourful!

The air-drying modelling clay EFA Plast is the ideal material for working and modelling. The dried work of art is clay-like and can be reworked by filing or sanding and can also be painted. Cookie cutters and stamping plates make working with EFA Plast even easier, ideally suited also for beginners. The modelling clay remains ready for use in the closed packaging. In fact even little artists can do great modelling work with our EFA Plast Kids. An in addition to all these great features, our EFA Plast also consists of 97 % natural materials.

Customise your own DIY home décor, such as cushion covers, by using our Textile Markers. Or give your clothes a colorful and creative touch. Let your creativity run free and just get started. The sets include a stencil for inspiration or practice. The colours are fixed after 24 hours or immediately after ironing. The colours do not wash out at temperatures up to 60° and remain elastic. The packaging of our Textile Markers is made from 100% recycled plastic, the pens themselves from 94% recycled plastic. What are you waiting for?
Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, stone - what do you like to paint on most? With our Metallic felt-tip pens you can put all your ideas into practice - without limits: creative DYI projects, organisation and tidiness in the kitchen or home office – create decorative details wherever you like. The Metallic markers contain water-based ink and are odourless. After fixation in the oven at 160°C the ink is waterproof.
Tempera colours are not only suitable as school paints for children. With their high opacity and luminosity, the colours are perfect to decorate and design different objects. The colours are mixable with each other and with water, colour-intensive and lightfast. The colours are available in many different sizes and assortments, so that there is a suitable pack for every DIY project, whether small or large.
Bullet journaling and hand lettering are trending. The many different techniques to style notebooks or homemade cards and murals are endless. With our brushpens Sketch Marker and their both tips you have the perfect basic equipment. But also highlighters, felt tip pens and colored pencils in many different colors help to realize your own ideas perfectly.