Your childs perfect companion

EFAlino Satchels

Our EFAlino satchels accompany your child both at school and in their free time. With the height-adjustable 3-stage velcro system you can assure an ergonomic fit and with its durability due to its outstanding quality, you will find the perfect companion for the first years of school.


The stable bottom and the outer material are water and dirt repellent. Another quality feature is the high durability of the seams and the material. The side pockets are equipped with and elastic band. New self-closing magnetic closure for even easier opening and closing are integrated on the satchels Police and Unicorn.

The padded back and the adjustable shoulder straps meet the highest ergonomic demands and at the same time offer a high level of comfort. Reflectors on the front and side pockets ensure visibility and safety for the children.

Our satchels are available in four-part school bag sets, containing the satchel, a sports bag, a pencil roll and a filled pencil case.
The dimensions of the satchels are 40cm x 33,5cm x 24cm
Filling volume is approx. 18 litres. Dead weight is 1.100g
The satchels combine storage space with low carrying weight.

The inner material of the satchel sets Unicorn and Police consist of 7 recycled PET bottles (0.5l)
Ergonomic Product: Certified Satchels from Eberhard Faber.
The EFAlino satchels were tested by the Institute for Health and Ergonomics for their usability and ergonomics. The test was successfully completed and the satchels were awarded a test certificate. The Institute's examination checked the degree of adaptation of the product to the physical characteristics of the test persons.

Our satchel sets with magnetic closure and recycled inner material