EFA Color painting colours

With the EFA Color colours, even young artists can already discover the world of painting and bright colours.
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Eberhard-Faber - Colour tablets 55mm
7 Colour choices
Colour tablets 55mm
Eberhard-Faber - EFAColor Tempera 1000ml
14 Colour choices
EFAColor Tempera 1000ml
Eberhard-Faber - EFAColor Finger Paints 750ml
14 Colour choices
EFAColor Finger Paints 750ml
Eberhard-Faber - Colour tablets 44mm
18 Colour choices
Colour tablets 44mm
Eberhard-Faber - EFAColor Tempera 500ml
6 Colour choices
EFAColor Tempera 500ml