Winner wax crayons water-soluble plastic box of 10

Winner wax crayons water-soluble plastic box of 10

Kids love wax crayons. With the brilliant colours they can paint large areas and express their fantasy. They help pre-school and kindergarten children with their first swinging exercises. The ergonomically shaped Winner wax crayons support the correct pencil position at school.


  • Water-soluble wax crayons with sliding sleeve
  • Wax crayons help to learn the correct writing position and pressure appliance
  • Ergonomic triangular grip zone for a firm grip
  • Due to the sliding sleeve the lead is protected and the hands stay clean while painting
  • Suitable for various scraping techniques
  • Smooth and brilliant colours
  • Plastic box of 10 crayons

Carbon-neutral product

Certified projects have compensated CO2, that occur during the procurement of materials, production and transport to the production site.