Textile marker Set of 4 incl. stencils

Textile marker Set of 4 incl. stencils

The special recipe of the textile paints enables materials to be painted and decorated using a wide variety of techniques. The paints are water-based and can be mixed. Regardless of whether the required designs are applied conventionally with a paint brush or whit an airbrush, brilliant results can be achieved easily. Due to the thick consistency, the textile paints can be applied as a firm that adheres tightly to the fabric and retains its coverage and smoothness after drying. Even when the brilliant colours will be applied thickly they stay free of cracks


  • 4 brilliant colours inclusive trendy stencils
  • Tip perfect for small motifs and larger areas
  • Fixes after 24 hours or immediately after ironing (use iron without steam)
  • Will not wash out up to 60°C (depends on used materials)
  • Suitable for many different textiles
  • colours: black, green, blue, red

Recycled plastic

Faber-Castell works on reducing plastics or replacing them with recycled materials. The product contains recycled plastic.