TRI Winner thick Rainbow pencils 50

TRI Winner thick Rainbow pencils 50

The thick Winner coloured pencils have the advantage that small children can grip them better and they are therefore much easier to handle than thin pencils. The triangular and hexagonal coloured pencils provide a better grip and support the child's ergonomics, as they automatically ensure the correct posture. The thin triangular Winner coloured pencils are suitable for older children. The triangular shape ensures fatigue-free painting.


  • Soft pencil with four-coloured lead in red, blue, green and yellow
  • Ideal for painting and writing beginners
  • Three-surface pencil shape supports three-finger holding
  • Soft coloured lead prevents heavy pressing when marking and painting
  • Break-proof lead
  • Available individually or in various case assortments
  • Single pencil

Carbon-neutral product

Certified projects have compensated CO2, that occur during the procurement of materials, production and transport to the production site.