Glitter felt-tip pen pastel cardboard box of 8

Glitter felt-tip pen pastel cardboard box of 8

Fibre-tip pens with brilliant colours sliding over the paper smoothly. Toddlers will have their first success with thick felt tip pens. Older children can use fibre-tip pens with a thinner tip or the double fibre-tip pen. Using the Magic Marker Set kids can achieve unique effects in their small work of art. All kids will love them.


  • The eight glittering pastel colours: turquoise, blue, pink, orange, green, yellow - ensure beautiful highlights in every picture and the make the heart of every young artist beat faster
  • The pens are also ideal for decorating greeting cards, gift tags or diaries - for individual gifts full of fantasy

Carbon-neutral product

Certified projects have compensated CO2, that occur during the procurement of materials, production and transport to the production site.