Our values

The values of Eberhard Faber revolve around the theme of "happiness through creativity". Writing, drawing and painting make little children happy. It also helps them to grow up big and strong. This also applies to adults, by the way. That's why our slogan is "Writing. Painting. Be happy".

Strengthening children's health and souls

We live in a world where technology is playing an increasingly important role. Many children have forgotten to do something by themselves. They sit in front of the TV or speed through the Internet. This is not good for their development. With our cheerful products, we want to tempt children to become active. When they paint and draw, they should feel: I am strong! I can create something with my imagination!

With Eberhard Faber we believe in the power of fantasy. They turn tom thumbs into giants. We want to offer painting and drawing things that small people like to take into their hands. The idea that we can make children happy with our products motivates us every day.

Sharing values, doing good

Values have more power when you share them. Therefore, we have joined forces with Tabaluga. In the world of the little green dragon fantasy plays a big role! Tabaluga wants to create good things and bring more happiness into the world. Because he symbolizes the values of Eberhard Faber so wonderfully, we have painting and handicraft things that bear his name.

Tabaluga wants to make the world a better place. This also applies to the painting and drawing materials that Eberhard Faber offers. This is the reason why we support institutions that are committed to the idea that creativity turns children into happy people.