Our engagement

To support children and adults in their creative development: This is the goal of Eberhard Faber. We know that painting and crafting makes children strong. Creativity can even heal: Those who have experienced bad things will find their way back into life with the help of creativity. Creativity also plays an important role at the Peter Maffay Foundation for disadvantaged children and young people. We think this is quite expressive and therefore a part of the proceeds from the Tabaluga products goes directly to the foundation.

Eberhard Faber and Tabaluga promote the creative development of children

Whoever buys a Tabaluga product from Eberhard Faber automatically supports the projects of the Peter Maffay Foundation. Part of the proceeds we generate with Tabaluga assortment directly benefit disadvantaged and traumatised children.

We do this because we believe in the power of fantasy, like the little dragon Tabaluga. Being creative strengthens children. Whoever paints and crafts with Tabaluga always reminded that life becomes so much more beautiful through friendship and tolerance. Eberhard Faber promotes the creative development of children and adults. If we can do something good at the same time – even better!

We support social institutions with donations in kind

There is a lot of painting and crafting in kindergartens and schools. Those who experiment with pens, colours or dough will find it easier to learn to write. Children get the feeling from their own little works of art: I can do something! I am someone! Teachers and educators know: It is important for children to be able to let off steam creatively. Promoting creative development makes our children happier people.

Unfortunately, the money for painting and crafting is not enough everywhere. Therefore we regularly donate e.g. colour pencils, wax crayons or finger paints to social institutions. It is very important that children can develop creatively! We want more boys and girls to experience it: Being creative makes big and strong!