Eberhard Faber's history

The history of Eberhard Faber is closely linked to the history of the Faber-Castell pencil dynasty. Eberhard Faber, born in 1822, belongs to the fourth generation of pencil makers from Franconia. In the middle of the 19th century he emigrated to America. He founded later his own pencil company there. Today Eberhard Faber is once again part of Faber-Castell, one of the oldest family businesses in the world.

Three brothers fight for the supremacy in the pencil business

The history of Eberhard Faber is turbulent. When its eponym was born in Stein near Nuremberg in 1822, his family had been running a pencil factory for generations. Eberhard grew up with two brothers who were older than him: One is called Lothar, the other Johann. All three were born with pencils in their cradle.

When his father died, his eldest brother, Lothar, took over the management of the manufactory. Lothar writes industrial history: His company A.W. Faber turns pencils into brand articles! This had never happened before! From 1843, you can even buy A.W. Faber pencils in America. At the age of 27 Eberhard and his young family set off for New York. There he took over the management of the foreign subsidiary of A.W. Faber.

Eberhard, Lothar and Johann fight for the success of the family tradition. But they are powerful competitors. In 1861 Eberhard started his own production in New York. In 1879 Johann, his middle brother, also set up his own pencil business in Nuremberg. The two younger brothers bitterly quarrel with each other and with the oldest, Lothar. He still runs the manufactory in Stein near Nuremberg.

Eberhard Faber returns to the parent company

When Eberhard Faber died in 1879, his company, the E. Faber Pencil Company, has been transferred to his sons Eberhard and Lothar. In 1922 the two brothers found a German subsidiary in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate, not far from Nuremberg. In Franconia they produced pencils, coloured pencils and erasers;since 1965 also handicraft products for creative design. The new slogan was: We foster creativity at every age!
1978 is a turning point in the history of Eberhard Faber. The company was sold and the trademark rights for Europe were sold to Staedtler. But the family tradition is strong: 32 years later Staedtler sells the European rights of Eberhard Faber to Faber-Castell. This is how Lothar's former company A.W. Faber has been called since 1898: Eberhard Faber is now back in family ownership. The story of Eberhard Faber is also the story of a reconciliation: Since 2010, all three brother brands have been reunited under one roof.