Wax crayons waterproof box of 10

Wax crayons waterproof box of 10

Children love wax crayons. They will express their creativity and imagination by extensive painting with the brilliant colours. The manageability and child-friendly shapes of the wax crayons aim to encourage the creative development of little ones. Perfectly suitable for the first drawing lines of preschool and kindergarten children.


  • Waterproof wax crayons with sliding sleeve
  • Wax crayons help to learn the correct writing position and pressure appliance
  • Gummed rubber grip zone for a firm grip
  • Due to the sliding sleeve the lead is protected and the hands stay clean while painting
  • Suitable for various scraping techniques
  • Smooth and brilliant colours
  • Plastic box of 10 crayons + 1 scraper

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