• Eberhard-Faber - Street marking crayons 100x
Eberhard-Faber - Street marking crayons 100x


Street marking crayons 100x

Street marking crayons 100x

Playing outside and at the same time creating one's own colourful world is one of the best activities for children. Whether blue houses with red flower borders, your own "pool" or "private road" for tricycles and scooters -there is no limit to children's creativity. The street marking crayons conjure up the most fantastic works of pavement art. If things sometimes get too colourful it will be cleaned away right after the next rain.


  • Easy application to paving stones and asphalt
  • Bright colours
  • Easy to wash off with water
  • Available in various assorted sets
  • Handy plastic bucket of 100 crayons
  • Colour sorting: 12 x white, yellow, green, red, purple, light flesh, 14 x blue and pink

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