Street marking crayons

Playing in the fresh air and creating one's own colourful world is one of the most enjoyable experiences for children. Whatever they design – blue houses surrounded by red trees, their own "pool" or a "private road" for tricycles and scooters – there are no limits to their creativity.

For even more colourful streets there are the new rainbow pavement chalks from Eberhard Faber. With a single stroke, seven bright colours are applied side by side to the asphalt or paving stones. Child's play, yet the seven-colour block is comfortable to hold and transforms a pavement or play street into a colourful playworld – or at least until the next shower of rain that washes the chalk away again.

Using the sturdy, egg-shaped pavement chalks from Eberhard Faber, even the smallest children can conjure up imaginative designs on the asphalt, because the special shape is ideally shaped for small hands and prevents the chalk from breaking off. And when the play is over: simply wash away with water.