Felt-tip pens

The double-pointed Eberhard Faber fibre-tip pens offer twice the fun of painting. Each has a fine point for line drawings and a thick point for easier coverage of larger areas. Another positive feature is that the brilliant colours do not bleed through the paper and are therefore ideal for use in colouring books and bound painting blocks.
And if, in the excitement, some colour goes astray...  the water-based ink is easy to wash out of almost every fabric.

Magic markers
Nine fibre-tip markers with extra-thick tips and vivid colours inspire colourful creations on paper. But the fun doesn't stop here: using the white magic marker from the pack, simply overpaint areas of the drawing or draw shapes or hatching onto the existing colours and another shade will appear as if by magic!
A clue to the precise shade is on the cap of the marker. Altogether nine new magical colour combinations invite you to explore the fascinating world of the magic marker.

It is important, for both the physical and intellectual development of children, that they are able to act out their creative ideas. Brightly coloured pens, that enable even the smallest children to create colourful artwork, are particularly suitable for this.

The Eberhard Faber Jumbo markers in 10 bright colours feature an extra strong tip that withstands considerable pressure. The wide tip of the Eberhard Faber Jumbo marker also enables large areas to be quickly filled with colour. So in no time at all, a blank sheet becomes a colourful painting in the hands of a budding young artist.