SCULPEY modelling clay

With the pleasantly soft SCULPEY modelling clay, creating small figures, animals and decorative accessories is child's play. Thanks to its soft consistency, SCULPEY is easy to knead, making it perfect for children. And at the same time this creative play hones the child's fine motor skills and three-dimensional thinking!
SCULPEY is available in 57 g blocks in an assortment of 24 bright colours, including metallic and pearlescent colours and translucent colours for making lanterns. For even more colourful fun, SCULPEY colours can be mixed with one other or even with PREMO colours. A huge variety of subtle shades can be achieved by varying the mixing ratio.
And those who like things really colourful should choose the SCULPEY Multipack with 8 or 12 colours to get a wider spectrum of colours in the smaller 28 g blocks.
For even more fun and a quick route to successful sculptures, Eberhard Faber now also offers first-time modellers of 8 years or more the four SCULPEY Activity Kits: "Dino", "Country", "Safari" and "Furry Friends" with detailed step-by-step instructions.
Professional results are achieved when the models are hardened in the oven for 15-30 minutes at 130°C. That's all it takes to create a little work of art!